Outbound Poetry Festival Launch

It was a blast to help debut the Outbound Poetry Festival during Poetry Month. Powerhouse Poet Laureate Yolanda Wisher put together the week-long festival that was kicked off at Ulises by Philly Youth Poet Laureates Otter Jung-Allen, David Jones, Yolanda & myself. Also, I needed to leave soon after so as not to spend all my money. There's so many amazing art books in an innovatively curated space. Discover Ulises some weekend soon.

(L to R: unknown, Sydney Coffin, Jessica Johnson, Frank Sherlock, Yolanda Wisher, Li'l Theo, David Jones, Kerwyn Sutherland)

Network for New Music Collaboration

What a pleasure to work with Network for New Music! Together we shaped the Germantown Poetry Project, conducting workshops with composers, musicians, singers and neighborhood folks to put together pieces about city living. Collaboration from the gatherings culminated in a performance at the Philadelphia Free Library. I provided text for the pieces below, composed by Jay Fluellen and Eric Moe. I was blown away to hear their work in person. Special thanks to the innovative singers and musician that worked on the project, and Trapeta Mason- my poetry partner in the workshops.


Trailer- History, Impact & the Magical Heartbreak

I spoke with the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage about my fellowship experience and its impact on my poetic practice. Sometimes I sit. Sometimes I walk. 

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Words on a Wing: Philly Loves Bowie

                                            (w/ Zoe Strauss & Lynn Bloom- photo by Jeffrey Sidelsky)

During a great night at the Free Library, I got the chance to talk Critchley, dividualism, Celan, utopian dystopias- and of course David Bowie. I also debuted a Scary Monsters-flavored poem composed for the event. It was a real pleasure to share the stage with DJ Robert Drake, Perry Genovesi, Toby Seayand Peter Humphreys. And, as always- a treat to run into these two. Thanks to Patti Brett for putting this whole festival together. 

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