Very Different Animals from Fact-Simile Editions

Very Different Animals is in the world, brand new from Fact-Simile Press. The design of this book-as-object is the brainchild of publishers JenMarie & Travis Macdonald. The limited-run of 100 features a one-of-a-kind painting/cover on each copy from Nicole Donnelly.

This place
so foreign
it must be home
hints at a room
beyond this
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Very Different Animals is a winner of the 2011 Equinox Chapbook Competition.This accordion-fold book is set in VTKS Animal 2 and Big Caslon and mounted in Blick Studio mini canvasses. It is printed in an edition of 100 on reclaimed 120 gsm Arches Text Wove.


Shot Appliance

New work for your reading pleasure, brought to you by the good folks at Joyland Poetry.

Joyland is here. 

 photo by Zoe Strauss


Poems As Part of the Meal

Thanks to Michael S.Hennessey for recording recent work inspired by the American Fall & the summer yet to come. Michael brought his field recorder to a delicious dinner created by chef CAConrad. We brought the poems for dessert.

You can hear Great Meetings in History here.
Listen to Love Letter November 15 here.


Frank Sherlock on Etel Adnan

Much thanks to Exit Strata's Lynne Desilva-Johnson for the opportunity to share one of my great influences & one of the world's great writers.

You can read my 30/30/30 Poetry Month piece on Etel Adnan here.


Great Meetings in History

Great Meetings in History is an OWS Zizek mash-up recorded live at Kelly Writers House. Shout-outs include Carol Mirakove, Filip Marinovich, Mark Nowak, Kaia Sand, David Buuck, Anne Boyer, Sasha Berkman Tupac Spahr, CAConrad, Carlos Soto Roman and Alli Warren. Listen to the intro here, with more shout-outs to Thom Donovan, Samantha Giles and Jules Boykoff. The recording of Great Meetings is followed by a piece written the day of the police raid on Liberty Plaza, entitled Love Letter November 15.