California Love

(Suyeun Juliette Lee, Emily Abendroth, Frank Sherlock & Jenn McCreary- photo by Kevin Killian)

Thanks so much to everyone who made the Golden State tour a memorable one. Special shout-outs for Steve Dickison, David Buuck, Marianne Morris, Emji Spiro, Kevin Killian, Samantha Giles & the whole Bay Area crew. Big ups to LA, especially Emerson Whitney, Fred Moten, Andrew Maxwell, Joseph Mosconi & Poetic Research Bureau. I can't wait to come back.

BK Poetry Summit

I'm happy to be reading as part of the 2014 Brooklyn Poetry Summit on Friday April 18. The lineup for my episode includes James Yeary, Tanya Olson and Sister Anne Boyer.

The full schedule for the Summit, which runs from April 17-19 can be seen here.