NOLA! w/ Brett Evans at the Goldmine

17 Poets! presents
Frank Sherlock & Brett Evans
Thursday October 26
The Gold Mine Saloon
701 Dauphine Street
(Corner of Dauphine & St. Peter)
New Orleans 8PM


October 2- Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour

On Monday, October 2nd, the Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour will bring 14 poet-readers to The FUEL Collection (former MTV Real World House), 3rd and Arch, Philadelphia 6pm: Read more about the tour on Philadelphia Weekly's A-List.

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John Yau
Frank Sherlock
Molly Russakoff
Prageeta Sharma
CA Conrad
Brenda Shaughnessy
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Catie Rosemurgy
Joshua Beckman
Nick Flynn
Eric Baus
Dorothea Lasky
Matthew Zapruder
Major Jackson
performance art by: Typing Explosion

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Food and Drink provided!


Burning Chair- Brooklyn

The Burning Chair Readings Say YES! to Innovative Poetry w/The Poetry Stylings of
Jane Gregory, Frank Sherlock & Jake Adam York

Friday, September 22nd
7:30 PM
The Fall Café
307 Smith Street Between Union & President
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
F or G to Carroll Street

Frank Sherlock is the author of Spring Diet of Flowers at Night (Mooncalf Press), ISO (furniture press), 13(ixnay press) and has engaged in collaborative projects with CAConrad Jennifer Coleman among many others. He is a contributing editor forXConnect: Writers for the Information Age.

Jake Adam York is the author of Murder Ballads, selected by Jane Satterfield for the Fifth Annual Elixir Press Awards Judge’s Prize. His poems have appeared in Shenandoah, Oxford American, Greensboro Review, Gulf Coast, New Orleans Review, Quarterly West, Diagram, Octopus, Southern Review, Poetry Daily, and other journals as well as in the anthologies Visiting Walt (Iowa University Press, 2003) and Digerati (Three Candles, 2006). York is an associate professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado, where he directs an undergraduate Creative Writing program and produces Copper Nickel with his students. York is also a contributing editor for Shenandoah, a co-editor of the online journal story South and a founding editor ofThicket, an electronic journal dedicated to Alabama writers and Alabama writing. His work of poetic history, The Architecture of Address: The Monument and Public Speech in American Poetry, was published by Routledge in 2005.

Jane Gregory is one of Brooklyn’s best kept secrets,unless you read Cannibal or are a regular during The Witching Hours. Then you know all about her.


Amazing Disgrace- Katrina Benefit in NYC

Contribute much needed funds and help raise awareness for the ongoing Hurricane Katrina relief work of Common Ground Collective . They are providing short term relief for victims of hurricane disasters in the gulf coast region, and long term support in rebuilding the communities affected in the New Orleans area.

Saturday August 26
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery @ Bleecker
(right across from CBGB's)

Poetry by:

Tasha Robbins, Amy Ouzoonian, Hal Sirowitz, Harris Schiff, Frank Sherlock, Justin Lacour, Nathaniel A. Siegel, Marcella Durand, Michael Ford, John Giorno and Sapphire.

Performances by:

Dorothy Goodman, Ed Sanders, Professor Arturo, Hungry Marching Band and Cave Canum.



I'll be doing a word set during the Drake show tomorrow night on August 11 at:

Cafe Habana/ 102 21st Street/ Philly/ 11pm-2am $6

If you haven't heard of Drake yet, they're a hot classjazzical drum-n-bass sophisticated modern music ensemble. Listen to sample work here.

The players are:

Monica McIntire- cello

Dave Ramsey- trumpet, vocals, composition

Brandon May- piano

Josh Machiz- ContraBass (acoustic)

Matt Scarano- drums

There will also be a late late late jazz jam session w/ Lucian Dowdell, AKA 'THE TRUTH,' on drums... and of course, a tequila toast for trumpeter/vocalist Dave Ramsey's birthday.

See you there!

Saturday July 29...

Poetry: CA Conrad, Will Esposito, Adam Fieled, Frank Sherlock, Jessica Lee White

Fiction: Mike Land, Christian Tebordo

Movie: Ish KleinPhotography: Jeremy Eric Tenenbaum

Installation: Steven & Billy Blaise Dufala

Music: Bad News Bats, Bitter Sweetheart, Drake, Eddy Walsh


Spring Diet of Flowers at Night

My poem written for the Poetry, Politics, Proximity: Third Annual Kerry Sherin Wright Prize event at Kelly Writers House on April 27 is now available in chapbook form.

You can get a copy of Spring Diet of Flowers at Night at Robin's Bookstore- 108 S. 13th Street, Philly.

For ordering inquiries, contact Mooncalf Press at MooncalfPress@aol.com

Cover art by Jonathan Allen.


Post Pacino Spectacular! June 24th Brooklyn

The Post Pacino Spectacular is a festival that will take place on Saturday, June 24th. The Spectacular is a circus of sorts based around diversity and fostering communication between different communities, including musicians and bands of multiple genres, painters, poets, theater, dancers, and mostly mad fun, the first Post-Pacino Spectacular will include: Reflectiostack, So L'il,I Feel Tractor, Ifwhen Seaman & Queerfunkel, Sleeping Kings of Iona & Katherine Betty Jones will be displaying her paintings. Poets Dustin Williamson and Frank Sherlock will be reading. Additionally, limited edition Goodbye Better compilations and zines will be released in accordance with each performance. Pete’s Candy Store is located at
709 Lorimer St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For more info on them please visit: http://www.petescandystore.com/ Gratzi mucho. Love,Goodbye Better

TOOL: a Magazine

The Sixth Issue of TOOL:a Magazine features Joyelle McSweeney, Brenda Iijima, Susan Schultz, Mark Lamoureux and myself. Included here are the first few installments of the PECO Poems.


Letter to New Orleans for New Year's Eve

This poem appeared in Tuesday's Philadelphia Inquirer Commentary

Refinery Deal Pays Off
(Letter to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve)

There are the dead & those who talk to the dead
         through song    The parade is almost here &

this is an American mirror    Squint hard
    to see the Ninth Ward see Two Street    America

Cities are mothers that never stop raising
                   as long as the rhythms continue

And I will raise them up    And I will raise them up
And I will ra-ai-se them up on the last day

         Bayou Eagle feathers sewn into headdresses
keep the five-fifths citizen beat & burning

crude in the purified cold will be a dance called
         the dirty phoenix    This is American music

    A new year is coming with us    a dedication
Rebirth is playing our song    Don’t let them steal you

We come to party we come to remember
       We come to party & will not let you die