Very Different Animals in NYT Arts Beat

Who knew I'd be mentioned in the New York Times Arts Beat with John Ashberry, Adrienne Rich, James Dickey and Daniil Kharms? I love almost all of those poets! A big shout-out also goes to Nicole Donnelly who painted the incredible covers/canvasses.

Pew Fellowship for Literature

I'm honored to be selected as a Pew Fellow in the Arts for 2013. Recipients this year also include Karen M’Closkey & Keith VanDerSys (design), Jenn McCreary (literature), J. Louise Makary (media), Kinan Abou-Afach (music), Sueyeun Juliette Lee (literature), Hafez Javier Kotain (music), Paul Swenbeck (visual arts), Toshi Makihara (music), Raphael Xavier (dance), Emily Abendroth (lierature) and Bhob Rainey (music).


with tomorrow's sun

Enter the ICA for a historical unfolding of the cultural capital of glitter, a surfacing of shimmering abandon at times of political and economic precariousness. The festivities will begin at 6pm with a site-specific performance in ICA's Project Space by artist Field Kallop: and upon each stood a siren, borne around in its revolution (2013). The performance will be followed by a talk on the exhibition Glitter and Folds by 2011-2013 Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow Jennifer Burris in ICA's auditorium. Philadelphia poet Frank Sherlock —author of Over Here (2009) and The City Real & Imagined (with CAConrad, 2010)—will conclude the evening with a reading of his utopian verse.