Frank Sherlock on Etel Adnan

Much thanks to Exit Strata's Lynne Desilva-Johnson for the opportunity to share one of my great influences & one of the world's great writers.

You can read my 30/30/30 Poetry Month piece on Etel Adnan here.


Great Meetings in History

Great Meetings in History is an OWS Zizek mash-up recorded live at Kelly Writers House. Shout-outs include Carol Mirakove, Filip Marinovich, Mark Nowak, Kaia Sand, David Buuck, Anne Boyer, Sasha Berkman Tupac Spahr, CAConrad, Carlos Soto Roman and Alli Warren. Listen to the intro here, with more shout-outs to Thom Donovan, Samantha Giles and Jules Boykoff. The recording of Great Meetings is followed by a piece written the day of the police raid on Liberty Plaza, entitled Love Letter November 15.