NYC- Poetry Project New Year's Marathon

I'll be reading tomorrow during the 10pm hour at...

The 35th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading
beginning Thursday, 2:00 pm

Poets and performers include

Bruce Andrews & Sally Silvers, Arthur’s Landing (Ernie Brooks, Steven Hall & Peter Zummo), Vyt Bakaitis, Jim Behrle, Martine Bellen, Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Barbara Blatner, Justin Bond, Donna Brook, Franklin Bruno, Tisa Bryant, Peter Bushyeager, Reuben Butchart (w/ John Carroll), Steve Cannon, Yoshiko Chuma, Todd Colby, John Coletti, CAConrad, Corina Copp, Brenda Coultas, Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle, Mónica de la Torre, Katie Degentesh, Barry Denny, Maggie Dubris, Douglas Dunn, Marcella Durand, Steve Earle, Will Edmiston, Marty Ehrlich, Joe Eliot, Laura Elrick, Avram Fefer, Bonny Finberg, Jess Fiorini, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Foamola, Merry Fortune, Tonya Foster, David Freeman, Ed Friedman, Joanna Fuhrman, Cliff Fyman, Drew Gardner, John Giorno, John Godfrey, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, Sylvia Gorelick, Stephanie Gray, Ted Greenwald, John S. Hall, Janet Hamill, Diana Hamilton, David Henderson, Bob Hershon, Mitch Highfill, Bob Holman, Erica Hunt, Brenda Iijima, Lisa Jarnot, Hettie Jones, Patricia Spears Jones, Pierre Joris, Erica Kaufman, Lenny Kaye, Evan Kennedy, Aaron Kiely, Paul Killebrew, David Kirschenbaum, Bill Kushner, Paul La Farge, Susan Landers, Denize Lauture, Joseph Legaspi, Joel Lewis, Rachel Levitsky, Brendan Lorber, Filip Marinovic, Susan Maurer, Gillian McCain, Tracy McTague, Taylor Mead, Jonas Mekas, Jennifer Monson, Rebecca Moore, Tracie Morris, Gina Myers, Eileen Myles, Marc Nasdor, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Jim Neu, Richard O’Russa, Akilah Oliver, Geoffrey Olsen, Dael Orlandersmith, Yuko Otomo, Ron Padgett, Julie Patton, Yvette Perez, Nicole Peyrafitte, Wanda Phipps, Kristin Prevallet, Arlo Quint, Chris Rael, Lee Ranaldo, Citizen Reno, Frances Richard, Renato Rosaldo, Bob Rosenthal, Douglas Rothschild, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Tom Savage, Michael Scharf, Harris Schiff, David Shapiro, Elliott Sharp, Frank Sherlock, Nathaniel Siegel, Samita Sinha, Hal Sirowitz, Patti Smith, Christopher Stackhouse, Stacy Szymaszek, Anne Tardos, Cecil Taylor, Steven Taylor (w/ Debra Salvo), Susie Timmons, Rodrigo Toscano, David Vogen, Anne Waldman, Nicole Wallace, Jo Ann Wasserman, Phyllis Wat, Karen Weiser, Dustin Williamson, Max Winter, Don Yorty, Emily XYZ and more.

ADMISSION: $17 general, $13 students & seniors, $10 members.

* sketch by Eric Drooker


HERETICAL TEXTS (v.4) Available for Pre-Order

The January 2009 release of the Heretical Texts series (v.4) is now available for pre-ordering from Factory School Books.

Volume Four includes books from:

Frank Sherlock- Over Here
Kathryn L. Pringle- Right New Biology
Brett Evans- Slosh Models
Jules Boykoff- Hegemonic Love Potion
Erica Kaufman- Censory Impulse

The entire set can be pre-ordered from Factory School here for $50, a savings of five bucks per book.

Have great holidays!

NEXUSradio This Wednesday



Frank Sherlock & CAConrad will host




This Monday- Poets for Healthcare at St. Mark's

Monday November 10 @ 8pm
St. Mark's Poetry Project
131 E. 10th Street NYC

There is a growing movement across the U.S. to support a single-payer, national health care system that would provide health care for all. Currently, over 47 million Americans are without health insurance and another 50 million are under-insured. More than 18,000 people die every year because they have no medical insurance. Since we know that so many poets have difficulty finding affordable, quality health care, The Poetry Project is pleased to host this benefit for two of the leading health-care activist groups based in New York City: Healthcare-NOW, and the Private Health Insurance Must Go Coalition. Featured poets, performers, and speakers include: David Amram, Andy Clausen, David Henderson, Suheir Hammad, Frank Sherlock, Eliot Katz, Rachel Levitsky, Akilah Oliver, Katie Robbins, Ajamu Sankofa, Stacy Szymaszek, Rodrigo Toscano, Anne Waldman,Citizen Reno, Steven Taylor and others.


Oxford American features Ready-To-Eat Individual

Katy Henriksen wrote a feature article on Ready-To-Eat Individual called Poems Ready-To-Eat: A collaborative poem by the city of New Orleans. It appears in the new online issue of Oxford American. You can check it out here.

* photo by Cree McCree, taken at The Gold Mine this spring


Buffalo 9/18

Small Press Poetry Series features Frank Sherlock & Logan Ryan Smith

Sponsored by: Just Buffalo

Thursday, September 18, 2008 @ 7:00 PM
Hallwalls Cinema
Babeville | 341 Delaware Ave. @ Tupper
Buffalo, NY


Durham, North Carolina 8/23

I'll be reading with CAConrad on August 23 for Magdalena Zurawski & Kathryn Pringle's Minor American Reading Series. Show up at 7:30pm & make yourself comfortable. You'll find us at 2717 Highland Avenue.

Please bring the beverages that make us smile.


Satellite Telephone

The new issue of Satellite Telephone features new writing by Claire Becker, Lynn Behrendt, Robert Dewhurst, Fanny Howe, Kevin Killian, Rodney Koeneke, Chris Kraus, Dorothea Lasky, Sam Lohmann, Kimberly Lyons, Simon Pettet, Chris Piuma, Arlo Quint, Dan Raphael, Hannah Sayle, Kyle Schlesinger, Frank Sherlock, and Susie Timmons.

Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform Press says "Satellite Telephone is without a doubt one of the coolest magazines running." And he didn't just say that because he's in it!

Like the first issue, #2 is free as a trade for mail art or other zines. You should do this. Email the editor for his current address.


Ready-To-Eat Streetnotes

The summer edition of XCP Streetnotes features Chris Marker, Ed Taylor, Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch, Jennifer Firestone, Rich Hamilton, Ami Sommariva, Leigh Herrick, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Christian Albertson, Janice B. Fornillier, Mike Rollin, along with an excerpt of Ready-To-Eat Individual.

Streetnotes Summer 2008 is here.



Read CAConrad's review of Ready-To-Eat Individual on Gently Read Literature.

Check it out here.


Saturday June 7- Baltimore

Sunday June 7 @ 8pm

i.e. Reading Series presents

Adam Good, Ryan Walker & Frank Sherlock
2225 Hargrove Street
Baltimore, MD


Saturday MAY 31 NYC

Saturday May 31 @3:30pm The Enclave presents
Frank Sherlock, Yew Leong Lee & Brandon Holmquest
Kenny's Castaways 157 Bleecker Street NYC

I'll be reading with translator/ poet/ editor/ all'round practitioner of the important work of the word Brandon Holmquest. I'm also looking forward to meeting/hearing Singaporean sensation Yew Leong Lee, a fiction & nonfictioneer that has appeared in many publications, from H.O.W journal to New York Times Magazine.

Ready-To-Eat Reading Tour

w/ Rachel Blau DuPlessis & Larry Kearney
Robin's Books 108 S. 13th St. @ 4pm

w/ Kate Greenstreet
St. Mark's Poetry Project 131 E. 10th St. @8pm

book party w/ Brett Evans
The Gold Mine 701 Dauphine St. @ 8pm

(Baltimore, DC & Durham dates TBA)


Ready-To-Eat Individual- available now!

The post-Katrina New Orleans book I co-wrote with poet Brett Evans has just been released from Lavender Ink Press.

From publisher Bill Lavender:

"In New Orleans, USA, during the Year 1 A.K. (After Katrina), Frank Sherlock & Brett Evans sifted through the ration fossils to put words where the food used to be. The latest development resulted in a poem that is a State-of-the-City and post-apocalyptic journal, sealed by a retort pouch and blocked from future contamination. The resulting taste and texture are much more realistic and natural than those normal dehydrated and freeze dried histories.

The big difference is the TASTE, but look what else Ready-To-Eat Individual gives:"




DC- Split This Rock Poetry Conference

Read, Write, Resist! March 20-23. The Split This Rock Poetry Festival will bring poets and writers to Washington, D.C. on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, in the midst of the presidential election, for four days of collaboration, learning, and performance. The festival will feature opportunities to build community and celebrate the many ways that poetry can act as an agent for change. Join us as we celebrate poetic diversity and the transformative power of the imagination.
I will have the pleasure of accompanying Tina Darragh & Cathy Eisenhower on a Split This Rock panel to discuss the works of the Argentinian poet Diana Bellessi and the French poet Francis Ponge, and their approaches to disrupting fascism’s appropriation of the voice of the poet. We will collaboratively translate poems using alternative procedures such as homophonic substitution, and participate in group readings from various kinds of texts (for example, depleted uranium stock quotes alongside Gulf War Syndrome research reports). We will also discuss the voice of the poet as a means of addressing violence, citing the works of Baraka, Brathwaite, Dunya Mikhail & Yoko Ono.
Friday March 21 1:30-3pm
Washington DC.Thurgood Marshall Center, Room #1
1816 12th Street, NW, Washington DC
Plus, don't miss the Jen Benka, Nathaniel Siegel, Lynn Procope & Susan Brennan panel just before us 11-12:30pm: Off the Page and Into the Streets – Reports from the Field.
I know I won't.


NYC- Peace on A

Saturday, MARCH 1st @ 8pm
166 Avenue A (btwn 10th & 11th)APARTMENT #2

PhillySound READERS WILL BE: CAConrad, Mytili Jagannathan, Dorothea Lasky, Chris McCreary, Frank Sherlock & Kevin Varrone


I'm glad to included in the amazing debut issue of Critiphoria! Here it is.



In Your Ear w/ Tina Darragh- DC

In your Ear Poetry Series presents

Frank Sherlock & Tina Darragh

Sunday January 20 at 3pm

DC Arts Center

2438 18th St NW Washington DC