THE CITY REAL & IMAGINED Now Available Through Factory School Books

The City Real & Imagined is a collaborative project with CAConrad that re-writes a City of Otherly Love. It's now available directly from the book's publisher at Factory School Books, as part of the Heretical Texts Series (vol.5.)

You can order the book here.

Erica Kaufman says:

Too often we forget about the "human" in human geography. This book emends us that every city is a peopled space. As Carl Sauer writes in his "Foreword to Historical Geography," "We know that habitat must be referred to habit, that habit is the activated learning common to a group, and that it may be endlessly subject to change." What Conrad and Sherlock really enliven in their book is this sense of "activated" or "active learning" that is (and should be) "endlessly subject to change." Cities change. Places change. "Oh bondage up/ yours. We echo this in different languages."