Space Between These Line Not Dedicated Now Available

Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated is now available from SPD. You can find it here.

Poet-genius Fred Moten says:

"Beginning in a thin line of short lines held broken by indentations, holding us something like together in this common indenture, wading through what we don't want to be—'Ah this / sunrise / again on / a failed / paradigm'—waiting for some other thing, something more like together, SPACE BETWEEN THESE LINES NOT DEDICATED consecrates the little openings within which we prepare. This openness is given in our woundedness, where form arises, or spreads in periodic broadening, flipping the bird to the law it makes, because it can feel good in its own broken skin. I think I understand what Frank is saying: We are the form! We are the form of love! We wait for one another as the form of love! Frank Sherlock is a great poet and this is a great book."