Satellite Telephone

The new issue of Satellite Telephone features new writing by Claire Becker, Lynn Behrendt, Robert Dewhurst, Fanny Howe, Kevin Killian, Rodney Koeneke, Chris Kraus, Dorothea Lasky, Sam Lohmann, Kimberly Lyons, Simon Pettet, Chris Piuma, Arlo Quint, Dan Raphael, Hannah Sayle, Kyle Schlesinger, Frank Sherlock, and Susie Timmons.

Kyle Schlesinger of Cuneiform Press says "Satellite Telephone is without a doubt one of the coolest magazines running." And he didn't just say that because he's in it!

Like the first issue, #2 is free as a trade for mail art or other zines. You should do this. Email the editor for his current address.